Finding Your Vision 2016 – Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris-Webb

By December 17, 2016People, Photography, Travel

Just finished a weeklong workshop with Alex Webb and Rebecca Norris Webb, a husband and wife team of photographers. Both known for their deep poetic work, with two very distinct views of the world..two very different ways of seeing. It was a challenging week filled with anxieties and doubt about my own photographic abilities when they are weighed under the gaze of photographers of this caliber. In the end I did manage to get a couple frames I feel good about…that’s not a usual thing for me…but it keeps me looking for the next photograph. #Miami #MSFP2016 #streetphotography #everydayadam #alexwebb #rebeccanorriswebb

Below are the stills from the week and a video of the final student slideshow presented during the close out ceremony of the Miami Street Photography Festival 2016 at HistoryMiami.

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