Somewhere Between Earth and Sky – Glimpses of Trinidad’s Carnival 2017

“Darkness on the edge, Shadows where I stand
I search for the time, On a watch with no hands
I want to see you clearly, Come closer than this
But all I remember, Are the dreams in the mist”
Heart – These Dreams

This visual narrative , featuring photographs captured during Trinidad’s Carnival season 2017, explores the relationship between traditional mas and contemporary portrayals, between characters as old as Carnival itself and others newly imagined, between creatures of the dark and creatures of light. In a pull and tug that has marked the artistry of Carnival throughout its evolution, all are from the imagination and all are from the deepest part of ourselves.

Costumes/Bands: K2K Alliance and Partners – “At the Helm”, Bliss 2017, Paramin Blue Devils, J’Ouvert Yellow Devils

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  • Vernon Ramesar says:

    Six of the photographs featured are of the band K2K Alliance & Partners and their 2017 presentation “At the Helm”

  • Stephen Jones says:

    Hello Javed Adam,

    Just came across your blog and was stunned at the beauty captured in your photographs during Carnival 2017.
    Just as an observation, many of the photos featured in your blog (the reds, gold and yellow fishes) are from the band K2K Alliance & Partners.
    I also observed there was no credit given to the band, while others were mentioned. It may be worth looking at just in case this was an error.

    • AJ Adam says:

      Hi Stephen thanks for bringining that to my attention!…That was an oversight. I had it listed as Kalicharan Carnival. I’ll have that sorted.

  • Chad says:

    Wow really nice Javed. Beautiful work my friend.

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