I am a freelance photographer and I call Trinidad and Tobago home even though I’m hardly ever there.  I find travel to be nourishment for the soul and over the past few years my camera has been tagging along with me, together with my tripod, lenses, filters and whatever else I can stuff into my bag.

The Blog

This blog is a platform for sharing my work which is focused on travel, street and documentary photography. It’s not meant to be purely a travel blog but you will certainly find a heavy focus on travel. Its not meant to be a photography blog either, but you will certainly find some photography related material. Whatever your interest, feel free to stop by every once in a while, you just might find something interesting.


For licensing or usage information for any of the photographs on this site or in the portfolio at feel free to contact me at or head on over to the contact page and use the form.


    AJ Adam